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Read the Facts

  • How do I apply for a catalogue credit account?
    • You have two options to choose from when you choose to open a credit account. You can either open a credit account immediately by visiting the catalogues "spread the cost" page.

      Alternatively, you can start shopping and apply for a credit account once you've reached the checkout. In either case, the process is simple. You enter your details, making sure that everything is accurate, and then wait for the email letting you know if you've been accepted or declined.

      If you get accepted you will be told your credit limit. If you are declined, your best option would be to determine why, such as re-checking the information you entered and/or taking out your credit report.
  • What is spread the cost?
    • When you open a credit account with a UK catalogue, in most cases you will have the option of "spreading the cost" on what you buy.

      Usually, you will back what you owe in monthly or weekly installments, for a set period. The period and the amount you pay per installment varies based on the price of the product, the catalogue company, and your credit rating.

      For example, let's say you buy a TV on finance from Brighthouse for a total cost of £600. You also choose to spread the cost by paying back what you've borrowed every month for 1 year.

      This means you would pay £50 per month (£600 / 12 months) for 1 year. This method of payment helps breakdown expensive items into more manageable sums.
  • What is buy now pay later?
    • Buy now pay later is a payment option that usually precedes a spread the cost option.

      When you buy an item on finance, you can in a lot of cases choose to buy now and pay later. This means that you delay the payment by a set period. This period, once again, depends upon the price of the item and the catalogue company you're shopping with.

      More expensive items such as sofas, tv's and cookers, can often be bought immediately with a pay later period of up to 3 years! In other cases, you can choose to pay nothing for 12 months and then spread the cost for 2 years!
  • Are there any catalogues which DO NOT credit check?
    • There are a few online stores that do boast "No Credit Check", however, they're interest rates tend to be far higher than the average catalogue.

      For this reason, as well as a few others, we do not recommend any stores that say they do not credit check.

      If you are having trouble getting accepted then you could check out our catalogues for people with bad credit.

      Alternatively, you could contact a credit agency such as Equifax and request your credit report to see if there is anything you can do to repair your credit history.
  • I have bad credit. Can I still apply?
    • You can of course still apply for a credit account with a UK catalogue although there is no guarantee that you will be approved. It is always best practise to try to identify and rectify the reasons behind your poor credit history. Your credit report is a good place to start.

      If you've been refused credit before from other lenders such as credit card companies or perhaps you've been refused a mortgage or mobile phone contract, either way, catalogues could provide a short-term solution.

      Many catalogues have more lenient credit checks than other lenders so the chances of you being approved may well be higher. However, always remember that applying for credit and getting refused when you already have a bad credit score may well make things worse.
  • What credit limit will I get?
    • Credit limits can vary massively depending upon the company you are buying from and your own credit history. For example, if you're credit score is lower than average, chances are you're not going to be given a large credit limit. At least not right away.

      If you show that you're "worthy" of a higher credit limit by making prompt repayments, the likelihood is that the company will offer you a larger credit limit.
  • How do I pay back what I owe?
    • There are many ways in which you can make your repayments, including the obvious online methods such as credit/debit card or paypal.

      Other methods include by Post, at your local bank, or over the phone. For more details on payment methods please see here.
  • What delivery options do catalogues provide?
    • Like payment methods, there a quite a few delivery options that you can opt for when making an online purchase.

      These include standard and next day delivery, as well as In-store pickup, ByBox and MyHermes Parcel Shop. For more details on this please see our delivery options page.
  • Are there any alternatives to catalogues?
    • Whilst online catalogues can provide many convenieces, there are many alternatives which can compare in regards to credit options, delivery prices, and product range.

      For example, if you're looking to shop from a catalogue primarily because of their credit options, then the likes of Argos are a great alternative for many products.

      For women's and men's clothing, high street stores like New Look and Burton have store cards which allow you to buy now and pay later.

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Find a Catalogue

Here you can choose how you want to find a suitable catalogue. You can check out our list of catalogues where we have reviewed their products and features, or you can choose a product and we will show you relevant catalogues.

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