Pay Monthly & Pay Weekly Catalogues

For many years, people in the UK have always opted to purchase goods through Buy Now, Pay Later catalogues. As a matter of fact, the popularity of these schemes is on the rise. This payment option allows people to purchase items listed in a catalogue and pay for them later. This gives the buyer a grace period to settle the bill.

Spreading the cost is similar to buy now pay later except rather than pay the whole lump sum at the end of a set period, you instead pay back what you owe in small installments. Though the terms will vary from one firm to another, a customer is usually required to pay for the goods at the end of the month. There are several advantages as well as disadvantages of using the catalogues to spread the costs. These include the following:


  • Wide Range of Products: The number of service providers has been growing by the day. Intense rivalry in the market and efficient technology has also led to an increase in the number of products. Goods offered include laptops, computers, clothing, furniture, home appliances, electronics, electrical devices, kitchen appliances, gifts & toys, gardening tools, gaming consoles, and much more.
  • Flexible Payment Terms: The terms of payment are quite flexible. A customer is therefore able to choose the right plan that suits his needs or money budget. You may go for the weekly, bi-weekly, as well as monthly payment. You may use credit cards, debit cards, EFTs, or online payment to settle the bills.
  • No Credit Checks: Whilst the majority of catalogue retailers credit check you, there are a few that do not. These are not stores that we recommend though, due to their large interest rates and, in some cases, irresponsible lending.
  • Improve Credit: The service providers also furnish credit reference bureaus with information on how you settle your dues. Therefore, by keeping your payments up to date, you also get a chance to improve your credit payment history. Naturally, prompt payments are a must.
  • Free Delivery: Items selected from the catalogue are delivered to the customer free of charge. You do not have to cough up more money to settle the shipping cost. You also get to enjoy free returns in case the product does not meet your expectations or is faulty.
  • Build Credit: A person who has no credit history may use this service to build one. This particularly applies to first timers or people who have just attained the required age of 18 years. With the right credit history, you also increase the chances of accessing credit from other sources.
  • Convenience: Applying for the service or making an order is done online. You do not have to visit a physical location. In addition, you also do not have to perambulate from one store to another. All you do is simply visit their site and select the items.


  • Higher cost: Usually, the cost or price of items offered is slightly higher than the market price. This especially applies to options that do not require credit check. The added charge is to cater for the additional risk of offering products to people with poor credit.
  • Impulse buying: This purchasing mode encourages impulse buying. A person will simply buy a good because it is easily available and not because they need it. This may lead to credit constraints especially when buying luxury goods.
  • Delayed Deliveries: Time taken to deliver the goods is normally between 3 and 5 days. A customer is therefore not able to enjoy the services immediately. Returning the goods also takes some substantial amount of time.

Choosing the right catalogue requires a bit of research. This will entail knowing which firm offers the most benefits. These include the longest repayment period, flexible terms of payment, discount offers through coupon codes, interest free options, good market reputation, and much more.

Dealing with a credible firm goes a long way in improving the shopping experience. Not only are you able to acquire the items you need without making an upfront payment, but also get to build your credit rating. Some firms offering the services in this region include Fashion World, The Brilliant Gift Shop, Jacamo, Simply Be, Marisota, Dial a TV, JD Williams, and many others. Credit provided subject to successful credit and affordability checks.