Payment Methods

It is now widely recognized that catalogue shopping provides numerous benefits to discerning customers across the UK. Leading UK catalogue retailers like Fashion World, Jacamo, Simply Be, Dial a TV, and countless others were trailblazing pioneers that quickly recognized the transformational convenience that could be accrued from this method. Other retailers are daily catching on by offering catalogues and online stores to their customers.

Accepted Ways to Pay

New customers ordering from UK catalogues for the first time will be required to register online, directly, or by mailing in a form. After you have agreed to the retailer’s terms and conditions, an account will be created for you and you must sign in whenever you want to make an order. A printable payment slip will then be issued, or one will be mailed to you. Below are some of the most common accepted payment methods:

  • Credit or Debit Card
    The fastest and easiest way to make a payment for your catalogue purchases is online via the retailer’s website. You simply visit the "My Account" section and then click on the "account balance and payment" to pay with your credit or debit card. Most retailers allow you to pay in full either when you place your order, or upon delivery. You just add your credit or debit card information on the checkout page and specify exactly when you’ll make the full payment.
  • PayPal
    If you already have a PayPal account, paying online is quite simple. On the catalogue merchant’s payment page, select PayPal as your preferred payment option and login to your PayPal account when prompted. All your order details will then be displayed and you’ll be asked to confirm payment. After you confirm payment, the catalogue merchant’s order confirmation page will be presented. You will receive an email from them which will then be sent to confirm your order accompanied by another email from PayPal confirming the same.
  • Through your bank
    Nowadays, most UK banks provide their customers with facilities to enable the quick remittance of payments for catalogue purchases. You can arrange this by making a visit to your bank’s branch, online, or by making a phone call. If your bank provides online or telephone banking facilities, you will have to provide them with:
    • The catalogue merchants sort code and account number
    • Your customer or personal account number
    If you happen to have your payment slip in form of a giro credits, you have the option of paying over the counter at your local bank’s branch. Make sure you receive a receipt or other proof of payment. Some banks may also charge extra if you process giro credit payments at a different bank.
  • Via direct debits
    You can easily set up a Direct Debit by calling the catalogue merchants payment line. The specific details are usually found in their "pay by phone" section or in the "My Account" section online. You can also request a Direct Debit mandate by sending them an email through the "contact us" area of their website. After your Direct Debit is approved, the catalogue merchant will collect payments after a predetermined time period, usually every 28 days. Every direct debit will appear on your bank records under the retailer’s name.
  • Payzone
    Within the UK, some catalogue retailers affiliated with Payzone allow you to pay at a local store or post office by using the barcode above the payment slip. A standard fee is usually surcharged and will appear on your next bank statement. You will also get a receipt as proof of payment. By using a giro slip instead of the postal bar code when making payments at the post office, you must be prepared to pay higher transaction fees.
  • By Post using debit or credit cards
    To make catalogue credit or debit card payments by mail, copy your card number into the relevant boxes on the payment slip or order form you received on confirmation. Fill out the rest of the form completely and mail it to the merchant’s postal address. Your card verification number is never included on the form for security reasons.
  • By Cheque or Postal Order
    This method involves jotting down your personal customer identification number on the back of your cheque or postal order and then mailing it to the specific catalogue retailer along with your completed order form or payment slip. All cheques should be made payable to a designated account holder or employee as indicated on these forms.
  • Using the phone
    Catalogue merchants often provide a payment phone line that is always open 24 hours every day. In most cases, this number is either toll-free or extremely cheap. To facilitate payment by dialing this number, you must provide:
    • Your credit or debit card type, e.g. Visa, Master Card, etc.
    • A valid card number
    • The card verification number- a 3-digit code on the card’s reverse side
    • The card’s expiry date
    You should also note that some credit card payments in the UK may be subjected to a small handling charge.