No Credit Check Catalogues

In the UK, there are a few catalogues out there who will let you order from them without doing credit checks. This can be very handy in certain situations.

Say for example, Christmas is coming up and you are running low on cash you might worry that you won't be able to buy all the presents that you want to. By ordering from a catalogue, you can order the products you want immediately and receive them in time for Christmas. You can then pay back what you owe by February or March, when you are in a more stable situation financially.

Before you begin buying there are a few things you need to consider, mainly the interest rates on these companies!

If you are looking for a no credit check catalogue, chances are you have a poor credit history. For this reason a long with the high interest rates charged by these stores, we do not recommend any no credit check companies on this website. However, there are catalogues that have fair interest rates and whose credit checks are more lenient.

Catalogues for Bad Credit

Catalogues for people with bad credit are online catalogues which have more lenient credit checks than most. As such if you have a poor credit history, one of these might be ideal for you. Please remember that you are never guaranteed to be approved.


If you are a curvier woman who is interested in all things fashion then this is definitely a catalogue that you should check out! Their clothes are fashionable but also hide any bits that you are perhaps not comfortable showing. They are very reasonably priced and of course being a catalogue, you can buy now and pay later.

You can pay the minimum amount on your statement each month which makes for an easy-to-manage method but of course some interest will be added on top of this. If you choose to pay in full every month - you will pay no interest at all! There really are options for everyone and that is what makes Curvissa a brilliant company to deal with.


Homebuy are one of the leading companies in giving customers all they need for their home with the option for those accepted customers to pay weekly. With products from the latest technology, top of the notch fridge freezers, sofas and much more - you can stay on trend without breaking the bank. It's really easy to sign up for Homebuy on the website and if you pass their credit and affordability checks you should have plenty of credit options to choose from.

First of all no deposits are necessary which means it's easier to afford and you get your item delivered to you within a few days. A weekly payment will be set up that is affordable for you and it's usually that simple. There are many happy customers of Homebuy, although there will be some paperwork needed in your sign up process - all applicants will be considered however there is never a guarantee of getting approved for a finance plan. Providing that you make all your payments on time, Homebuy are a friendly and easy company to deal with.


Argos are an online catalogue and have a number of gifts for sale, perfect for birthdays and Christmas. From highly sought after electrical products, designer items, watches, the latest in fragrances and much more.

They also offer an Argos card which you can use to spread the cost, so you can take your time to pay back as long as you keep up with at least the minimum payments to avoid paying any fines. This is the perfect company to use if you want to buy gifts but can't quite afford to pay for them straight away.


Lookagain are one of the leading experts in fashion for women, men and children. Along with jewellery, beauty and much more - there are a wide range of quality products available.

There a wide variety of credit options available also including buy now pay later option which means you don't have to pay anything at all for a set period! Pretty amazing and the application process if fairly straightforward.