Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues

In today's economic climate, credit accounts are becoming more elusive. This may be blamed on several factors. Firstly, the economy is becoming more volatile. Secondly, the cost of living is rising every other day. In order to make ends meet, it is becoming necessary to find alternative ways of sustaining our purchases, especially when just moving house or starting a new job. One of the most popular options is through buy now pay later catalogues.

What Is Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy now pay later is a catalogue based credit option. A consumer goes through a catalogue displaying an assortment of products. They then chooses the items that they need. However, they are not mandated to make the full payment at the time of purchase. Instead, they are given a grace period hence where they can use the goods and make the payment much later. Different firms have their own terms and conditions and so you should always check with them to see what this grace period is before you buy.

Why Is It So Popular?

This mode of purchasing goods is not a new phenomenon. Actually, it has been in existence for quite some time. Its growing popularity especially in the last few years is attributed to the growth in the number of consumers shopping online. Previously, people had to rely on offline strategies. Factors that are influencing people to opt for this approach include increased competition in the market, improved IT skills across the population, and a slump in the UK economy. In addition, the customer has become more knowledgeable and the types of products have also increased.

How Does One Qualify?

Different companies will have their own terms and conditions of what makes a person credit worthy. Most companies require an individual to be 18 years and a prospective customer needs to have a UK address. However, this is slowly changing hence customers from other regions are being accepted. Other considerations include checking the credit history. A person with good credit ratings is usually offered better terms such as a longer repayment period and a lower rate of interest. A person with poor credit may be ineligible, or asked to pay an amount in advance. They may also be given a shorter repayment period as well as a higher interest rate.

Relevant Catalogues

The number of companies offering these services is ever growing. This makes it easier and more convenient for customers to purchase products. Some of the products include new furniture, clothing, electronics, gaming consoles, electrical goods, gift items, household goods, and much more. Some of the notable companies include: Argos, Grattan, Littlewoods, Kandco, Ellos, Very, and many others.

Benefits of Buy Now pay Later Catalogues

To get maximum benefits, it is necessary to research the different companies which offer the option. This has become easier considering that reviews about the companies are being carried out regularly as well as online forums where people are chatting about them. Factors to consider when searching for the best deal include credit policy, repayment period, shipping terms, flexibility of payments, number of interest free days, mail order account, free returns, and much more. Advantages of using the catalogues comprise of the following:

  • Enhanced Credit rating: The firms report payments to credit agencies. Therefore, making timely payments leads to a better credit history.
  • Instant access: A consumer is able to purchase and use goods immediately. Many firms also offer next day deliveries to most locations.
  • Build Credit: A person who has no credit is able to start building one by simply using these credit catalogues.

Buy now pay later brought a whole new revolution to the shopping arena. It has now become convenient to buy goods even when faced with financial constraints. In addition, you can do the shopping from the comfort of your seat at home or in the office. All you need is to visit the website of the company and select the items that you want.