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Why Use a Catalogue?
What are the benefits and negatives of using an online shopping catalogue.

When comparing high street vs online shopping, the online method normally comes out on top simply because of how convenient it is to shop in the comfort of your own home. There's also a lot more choice online than there is on the high street, and you can save items in your basket for later if you wish.

There are of course some drawbacks in that you don't get the personal touch, nor can you try out certain products like clothing items. However, for items other than clothing, online shopping beats high street shopping.

Catalogues provide a great place to start when shopping online, mainly due to their huge range of products as well as their credit options. Most catalogues boast a massive choice of items including clothing and accessories, electronics, furniture, appliances, toys and gifts.

Most credit catalogues offer spread the cost payment plans in the form of weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments. Using this form of finance the customer can pay back what they owe in small installments.

Another payment option offered by catalogues with credit is buy now pay later. This is exactly how it sounds. You can buy the items today and pay nothing at all until a later date. This deferment period usually depends upon the cost of the item with more expensive items usually accompanying a longer deferred period.

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