Delivery Options

Catalogue shopping is increasing in popularity, owing largely to the convenience it offers in spreading over payments. However, whether buying from a catalogue is a good deal compared to paying for a product upfront largely depends on the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the delivery.

The following are the most common delivery options offered by the big catalogue providers in the U.K:

  • Direct Delivery

    Most normal deliveries, to the address specified at the time of purchase, take anywhere between five to seven days. Providers such as Fashion World and SimblyBe offer next day delivery options to select locations, provided the order is place before 8 pm on the previous day and some other conditions.

    Most catalogues include a caveat of the delivery being delayed if the items are not in stock. Big catalogue providers such as BrightHouse have their own delivery vans and infrastructure in place across the nation, whereas others may tie-up with other courier or parcel service.

    Some catalogues such as Fashion World offer the option of Direct Express Delivery, or shipping the product to the customer directly from the supplier, to speed up the process, and make sure that the product reaches in three to five days, instead of the usual five to seven days.

    Many catalogue providers offer flexibility through Nominated delivery, wherein the customer can specify the delivery time and date of choice. This may require payment an extra premium to the delivery charges.

  • ByBox and MyHermes Parcel Shop

    Another option, convenient for people who would not be in their addresses and cannot wait for shipments is ByBox and MyHermes Parcel Shop.

    “ByBox” is a chain of locker-stores located in supermarkets, railway stations and other convenient places.

    “MyHermes ParcelShop,” another chain of convenience stores. MyHermes has a network of over 3000 parcel shops spread across the UK, usually open from 7 am to 10 pm, seven days a week.

    The catalogue companies deliver to the nearest ByBox or MyHermes specified by the customer, and the customer can collect the product from the ByBox locker or the MyHermes ParcelShop, at the time of their convenience. The catalogue companies notify the customer when the package is due for pick-up and provides a unique code for identification and authentication. The parcels remain safe and secure at the facility for a specified duration, at no extra cost.

    Most catalogue providers including Fashion World and SimplyBe offer this option.

  • In Store Pick Up

    Large catalogue providers offer in-store pick-up for their customers. Customers who have ordered a product can pick it up from any store in the chain, as specified. This option is usually free, but in most cases limited only to select pincodes, where the chain has local stores.

    It is important to cross-check whether the selected delivery option is available in the required area.


Refunds are commonplace when it comes to catalogue shopping. Most catalogue providers restrict the channels available for returns. SimplyBe offer an option of courier, post office and MyHermes ParcelShop. Jacomo offers only the post office route. Usually the catalogue bears the cost of the return shipment, and deducts it from the refund.


Pricing for delivery varies among catalogue providers. BrightHouse, includes home delivery, assembly, and installation in the cost of the product. Most other providers however charge separately for delivery. Jacomo charges a standard rate on each order, and offer frequent promotion codes.

Fashion World, for instance, charges separately for each piece ordered, even if these pieces are shipped together. The charges depend on the size, weight, and delivery option, with the rule of thumb being that higher the parcel size or weight, higher the charges. Simply Be charges £3.99 extra for next day delivery and nominated delivery.